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Numerous studies and whitepapers praise the virtues of the competences required by students about to enter the workforce and also by the younger pupils who are far from finishing their obligatory studies. No longer will the modus operandi of schools, teachers and teaching of yesteryear be sufficient to enable a country to maintain pace with neighbors who are adopting active and relevant methodologies in education.

Key areas are Collaboration, STE(A)M, Life Long Learning, Co-creation, Learning Everywhere, Agile methodologies just to name a few. When we talk about the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), STE(A)M (including Art/design), it´s regarding the group of coding, programs, robotic, computational thinking, Computer Science (CS) Unplugged in all its areas – hardware, software and discipline.

We stablish as a mission statement to provide the Edu market with IT products and solutions under the digital transformation 4.0 developing Ecosystems and Partnership with international brands which gained their prestige in the educational field.


Manuel Fernandez


Our Solutions


An ERP system in Education


An end-to-end solution for training in class


An Online learning system per V-MOOC


An Online resource for all kinds of learning materials

Why EduVision?

We bring international Technologies and Knowledge to Education in Vietnam, with local Understanding and Experiences from Vietnamese experts

Our missions

To promote educational system in Vietnam to reach international standard.

To help Vietnamese students to become international citizens.

Our Partners

To bring customized software solutions to various sectors of education

To bring an ecosystem to education, with combination of hardware and software

To bring knowledge to learners in form of digital contents